Flying Sharks Research and Humanitarian Funds

Check out out Flying Sharks Research and Humanitarian Funds recipients here.

In 2008 we started adding a small percentage to all services and those funds became part of the Flying Sharks Research Fund. This money is applied directly on research conducted worlwide, mostly on elasmobranchs but not exclusively. If you have an interesting research proposal, contact us.

In 2022 we started splitting this amount between research and Humanitarian causes, which became the Flying Sharks Humanitarian Fund.

We take this time to sincerely thank our sponsoring clients so far. See them all listed below and feel free to send us your proposal if you'd like to apply for some funds.


Flying Sharks Research & Humanitarian Funds Sponsoring institutions - listed chronologically (most recent first):

All persons & institutions listed above were donors to both our original Research Fund (2007) and also our new (2022) Humanitarian Fund.