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Available titles (click in the links for full descriptions on Amazon). All titles shipped from Portugal, regardless of whether you buy them from Amazon or directly from us.:

Tubarões Voadores (in Portuguese) - 15€

Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll - Vol. I (in English) - 15€

Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll - Vol. II: Flying Sharks and other 'Tails' (in English) - 15€

Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll - Vol. III: Turkish Charter Delight (in English) - 15€

Peixes Marinhos de Portugal | Marine Fishes of Portugal (blilingual) - 29€

Peixes Marinhos Costeiros de São Tomé e Príncipe | Coastal marine fishes of São Tomé and Príncipe (bilingual) - 29€

Pesca Comercial de Tubarões e Raias em Portugal (in Portuguese) - 40€


Value packs:

The complete 'Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll' trilogy for 30€

Add 5€ for shipping to Portugal, 10€ anywhere else in the world.

For additional info on 'Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll' and 'Tubarões Voadores' go to


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Credit card (through PayPal)

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