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November 6, 2021

Syngnathus acus breeding

Congratulations Dr. Heike Kück, Director of Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven, who just bred the Syngnathus acus we shipped to them a couple of years ago! There’s […]
November 4, 2021

Transports then and now

We were delighted to participate in the 7th International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2021), hosted in Xi’an (P.R.C.), but wonderful modern technology allowed […]
October 31, 2021

Research Fund 19/03 :: Issah Seidu

There’s nothing we enjoy better than watching young careers soar, and to feel that we played a small role in that initial flight… Remember our friend […]
October 30, 2021

Research Fund 19/08 :: “A sea full of life: Visions from the Azores”

Congratulations Alison Neilson, who reached out to us, two years ago, asking if we’d support her book “A sea full of life: Visions from the Azores”. […]
October 30, 2021

Research Fund 21/10 :: Elena Milanesi

Congratulations Elena Milanesi, who is doing her data collection at the research station CRIOBE in Moorea Island (French Polynesia) with the Physioshark Project research group (directed […]
October 22, 2021

Research Fund :: 21/10 :: Lénia Rato

Congratulations Lénia Rato, who has now received multiple Research Funding from Flying Sharks, while supporting her very interesting research on Respiration in Stress Biology using an […]
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